Kaabil Finance

Our Approach

We want our customers to prosper and progress. Everything that we do is to enable this purpose. Our loans to customers should help them meet their needs and achieve their goals, without breaking their backs. Our loan should enable them to access more credit and resources, to make better informed choices.

Our processes are as much about caring for the customer, as about caring for the money that we have advanced. Our on-ground connect with our customers is not just to provide money, but to educate them on the principles of good financial behaviour. This helps in building a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with the customers.

Our credit underwriting takes into account:
  • Appreciation of characteristics of the locations we operate in
  • Understanding of the socio-cultural-economic profile of our communities
  • A deep interest in the businesses we are looking to finance
  • A strong desire to help improve cashflows of the households we engage with
  • These principles are backed by robust processes, a team driven by integrity & common purpose and technology as an enabler for better decision-making.