Kaabil Finance

Kaabil means:
Capable or Worthy

The MSMEs, especially in rural India which is often referred to as Bharat, have been long denied access to finance. The credit demand in Indian MSME space is estimated to be Rs. 45 lakh crore, of which 40 percent still takes place through informal sector. Our aim is to cater to the needs of the rural MSMEs, taking a holistic view of their incomes and social structures. We at Kaabil believe that the journey to a prosperous and capable India necessarily means inclusion of rural MSMEs.

It is with this belief and purpose that we started our journey in 2017. Our short but exciting journey has vindicated our strong trust in this segment. Their willingness and ability to use finance in a responsible manner, even during challenging times, tells us that we are on the right path.

We are currently located in parts of Rajasthan but with a determination to serve our customer segment not just in entire Rajasthan and western India, but to every nook and corner of India where there is a need for assisting and supporting rural MSMEs.

We are out to prove that rural small businesses are as Kaabil or capable of accessing formal credit as any other borrower. Our work does not stop at finding the right customer. We also work to make our customers Kaabil, helping improve their credit behaviour and profile. Our task is unfinished until every small rural business gains access to credit and sound financial advice.